Heidi Willberg

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The starting point for my painting is the exploration of the subject of flowers. As part of nature, they provide me with their peculiar shapes and vibrant colors, (with) the power and energy they exude. I do not reproduce the subject one-to-one, but rather the flowers are the trigger for me to explore the traditional means of composition in a new way: division of space, composition, formal language and color composition.

On the other hand, the openness of this object offers me the possibility of consciously bringing my own self into the picture, as part of the larger whole. When I paint, this is a very physical act that can go as far as being insignificant in order to give the picture the greatest possible autonomy.

Thus, my painting becomes a process of aggression and reflection, of action and reaction, and the respective picture is not finished until the intensity of the expression of my inner experience is strong enough.

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